Everhope Plantation

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Message from the Proprietor

To be exceptional one
must be the exception. 
Everhope Plantation
is exceptional!

In 1852, Architect
David Rinehart Anthony,
designed Everhope to be
Big, Bold & Beautiful.

The Greek Revival Architecture
draws Hollywood requests, visitors
from 8 countries in 2015 & 4 thus far in 2016 !   

It is “Back to the Future” as we hunger for the farm to table movement, value hand crafted customization over cookie cutter, appreciate scenic beauty with indigenous horticulture, desire sustainability, value preservation & architectural diversity & see “off the grid” as KOOL, :> again! 

Guests from the world over, 300+ Everhope friends on Facebook & Airbnb.com Superhost Status illustrate Everhope’s appeal.  Made possible by preserving the antebellum home while strengthening its foothold for the future via a couple thousand
square foot “out back”
addition incorporating
bathrooms, laundry
rooms & a state of the

art kitchen.  I’ve read

of one other
antebellum home
preserved in this
manner & it is
executive Bob Doyle’s in Tennessee.

Suzanne Callaway (“Silent in the Night”)
eloquently states “You’ve got to love old houses & want to live in them.  You can’t be intimidated by them, but must become a part of them, just as they become a part of you.”  Everhope is far more than I need or deserve & therefore I open her doors.  100% of revenue  to date has been reinvested to maintain this incredible plantation, a piece of American History.  It is my responsibility & intent to maintain these grounds to the level of detail they deserve (see “Love” page).

Having spent 1000+ nights in hotels around the world, I am certain Everhope Plantation will take your breath away!  It is that out of the ordinary & this is why I purchased a plantation in Eutaw !

Everhope is committed to growing with the

community it operates

in & has hosted

pro-bono events for The

University of Alabama

Business School,

Language Dept.,

Nursing School,

the Japan America Society,

the City of Eutaw,

the Greene County

Industrial Board &

Wounded Warriors. 

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I invite you to be exceptional, like Everhope, and come & experience the Plantation Life! 

All The Best,


Everhope’s Approximate Ownership History

Barden                                          2012 - Present
Mr. & Mrs. David Harmon          2005 - 2012
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Bullock           1994 - 2005
Mr. & Mrs. James Poole                1992 - 1994
Dr. & Mrs George E. Rudd            1977 to early 90’s?
Dr. Que                                          1972 - 1977 ?
Leah & Clifford S. Boyce                1944 - 1972
    (Carpenter Grandson)
Fannie Carpenter                          1911 - 1944
Marjorie & Nathan Carpenter      1852 - 1911